Wittgenstein contra Wahhab

The basic tenet of Salafi/Wahhabi Muslims is that the word of God, i.e., the Quran, is not open to interpretation; the meaning is apparent from what is stated and woe unto those who indulge in the needless and dangerous talk of interpretation.

On the other hand, those who hold views similar to those held in the Mutazilite tradition, for example Shias and some  Sunni sects, believe that the literal meaning needs to be interpreted and we can interpret the Quran to obtain its true meaning.

Interestingly, two groundbreaking, and opposed works by the same man, the unrivaled genius Ludwig Wittgenstein, shed valuable light on these issues.  Continue reading Wittgenstein contra Wahhab


William James and Free Will Peril

The problem of free will, as classically defined, is that since each event is caused by a chain of antecedent events, nothing we do is of our own free will; if we do have free will, its hard to see how it could come about.

Humankind has been at this problem for millennia. Instead of Continue reading William James and Free Will Peril